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What to expect on the ride

We have fun!  No better way to say it. We enjoy riding together, camping together, eating together, and talking about our ride from that day.  We have a group game night guaranteed to be hilarious and an another evening set aside for a "TO BE ANNOUNCED" activity.  Of course, someone is always organizing an evening ice cream run into the local town.

Usually, in the summer, individual members host a "pre-ride" and invite anyone to join.  Although not sponsored by WOMBAT, these announced rides are an opportunity for riders to enjoy each other's training routes and towns. 

Typical Daily Schedule

We are up early with coffee on around 6:00am.  A hearty breakfast is available at 7-7:30.  If we are moving to another campsite, tent, totes, camp chair and anything else you are not carrying on your bike needs to be packed away in the SAG trailers.  You will have personal time to get ready for the day, pump up tires, and fill water bottles.  Most groups leave the camp by 8:00-8:30 am.  Your first SAG stop with be about 15 miles into your ride.  SAGs will have ice, water, cookies, snacks, and fruit, and your individual drinks you placed in the SAG vehicles for the day's ride.

Individual groups stop for lunch on the route.  Our great SAGs will let you know what is available in the towns for lunch.  Following lunch, you are back on your bike ready to ride.  There will be another refreshing SAG stop before reaching camp.  When you arrive at camp, you will set up your tent and enjoy some free time before dinner.  Dinner is usually around 5:30 or 6pm.  Each evening on WOMBAT has a different activity.   There is even time to relax and catch a quick nap!  Group leaders will have brief map meetings each night.   Following a brief devotional time by a member of WOMBAT, most riders retire to their tents to relax, text friends and family, and settle in for a good night's sleep in God's fresh air. 

Back in the Saddle Again

Worried about getting lost, having a flat, or running out of hydration?  No need to worry.  We have great SAG service.  Our group leaders attend a map meeting and carry printed maps in case a cell phone signal is not available.  Group leaders have registered their phone numbers with the SAGs and both SAG vehicles know exactly where each group is at any given moment.   SAGs are often seen standing near the road at a location where a turn could easily be missed. 


No one is left behind in a group.  Every evening, you will have a chance to sign up for a group to ride with the next day.  It is okay to sign up to ride with a different group depending on your ride level or choice of mileage for the day.  Everyone watches out for each other and each group has a "no drop policy".   If you climb hills a little slower than the rest of the group, no fear, they will wait for you down the road.   All you need to do is pedal and enjoy the scenery.  

We do, however, continue to ride in the rain as long as it is safe with no lightning.  SAGs and group leaders continue to monitor weather conditions with their phones.  If it is not safe, we will find shelter and wait for the storm to pass.  If it continues to not be safe, riders will be picked up.  Safety always guides our decisions.  

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