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5 Day option

2 Day option


You have distance options too!  Distance options include daily mileage of approximately 50, 75, and 100 mile routes.  Saturday is a 50 mile day for everyone!

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Quick Information

Registration Starts January 1, 2022

5 Day Ride Dates: Aug 2nd-6th (starting in the Glen Arbor area)

5 Day Rider Fee $295 ($325 after May 1)

Expected Donation $200 (of course, many riders receive donations from friends, family, businesses, and church and are able to donate $800.00 or more)!

Over night camping in Frankfort (no need to tear down the tent)

2 Day Ride Dates: Aug 5th- Aug 6th (leaving Frankfort and touring the area)

2 Day Rider Fee $195

Expected Donation $100 (of course, many riders receive donations from friends, family, businesses, and church and are able to donate $800.00 or more)!

Refer some friends and reduce your ride cost and their ride cost too!  When you refer someone and they sign up, you will be credited $25.00 toward your rider fee (expected donation still applies).  Best of all, your friends will receive $25.00 off their rider fee too (expected donation still applies).  How cool is that?

January 2022 is a busy month as we work hard to finalize our details for WOMBAT 2022!   Here is what we know so far.  Our trip will be a Circle Tour in northern west Michigan.  We love the crisp cool mornings, evening campfires, and days of riding through Pure Michigan scenery.   Be assured, it will be another fantastic ride in beautiful Michigan.  

As the ongoing Covid pandemic may present a concern, please understand our board will post policies to be sure we enjoy a beautiful and safe riding experience.  More about Covid policies when we are closer to our August ride.  We can't wait until we can get out and safely ride together again.   Safety is a top priority!

Rider fees (to cover camping, food, supplies, SAG cost, etc) will be $295 ($325 for late registration) for our 5 day option.  Rider fees will be $195 for the 2 day option.  We offer a $25 discount when you recruit another person who will be riding WOMBAT for the first time in 2021.

WOMBAT is committed to support several missions in Haiti, therefore all riders are expected to raise a minimum of $200 (5 day option) and $100 (2 days option) as a donation to our ministries.  Most riders raise $600-$1,000 in donations!  We encourage you to involve your friends and family by giving donations as you ride.

Although individual riders as certainly welcome, many churches, families, and friends form teams to train together, challenge one another, and celebrate a great ride on the final day of WOMBAT.   Many teams include 3-4 family members, 8-10 members from a few churches in their local town, and facebook friends that love to ride.  There will be great fellowship with riders from other churches too!  It is not that hard to do, just ask a friend to join you in this adventure.  It’s a wonderful way to see the beauty of our great state!