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Team Teach Haiti

TEAM TEACH HAITI started in 2017 with the idea to come along side Haitian teachers and provide these friends with the best ideas in educational practices.  We partnered with our Haitian friends to provide these training opportunities.  TEAM TEACH HAITI consists of several American teachers developing curriculum for training, creating workbooks and producing training videos.  And, our Haitian teachers are working to complete our training course.  What a team!  As American teachers, we believe God has given us a great career in education and we believe He has called us to share this gift with Haitian teachers.


It is the mission of Team Teach Haiti to inspire Haitian teachers to develop skills in best educational practices and to believe all students have the potential to become life-long learners and productive citizens in their community, nation, and global world.  We desire to instill a strong value of a good education in all our teachers and their students.  This will be accomplished through extensive and timely teacher training opportunities presented by experienced, successful teacher trainers.  Teachers completing  training with Team Teach Haiti will exemplify an understanding of the value of an education for all students, respect all students, and the desire to continue to grow as a teacher.

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