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Haiti Bible Institute

The need for pastors in Haiti is great to keep up with the rapid growth of the church. The Haiti Bible Institute is the primary training institution for Free Methodist pastors. The  Ministerial Candidates are given a 4 year course of study which includes practical ministry experience. Students progress through the course work as a cohort of learners. Most of the teaching is done by local church pastors and church leaders. Guest instructors from the United States and Canada are warmly welcomed to come and supplement with special classes. Dr. Ron White, a WOMBAT rider, has traveled to Haiti as a guest instructor many times over the 20 plus years the school has been operating. The funds we raise for this school are desperately needed to keep the school in operation.


The churches in Haiti offer hope in an otherwise hopeless world. The pastors are critically important in their communities. They not only hold services, they run schools, feed children, pray for the sick, and assist the poor. By supporting the Haiti Bible Institute we help insure a future where the important work of the church in Haiti may continue and grow.

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