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Eye and Dental Clinic Ministries

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WOMBAT's interest in helping the people of Haiti began with the Dessalines Eye and Dental Clinic.  Over the last 10 years, our donations have:


1) Helped cover the cost of purchasing new, used and donated equipment along with shipping this equipment to Haiti.


2) Helped sponsor construction teams who turned a rented house into "the best eye and dental clinic in all of Haiti." That’s how Haiti's Director of Medical Affairs described the clinic at the open house.


3) Purchased a generator to provide the clinic with good, steady electricity. 

The rented building no longer houses the clinic due to the owner needing the building for personal use. However the equipment was moved over to the hospital across the street and dental services continue to be offered 2-3 days a week.  With the dental clinic now being run by a Haitian dentist, and with travel being difficult for Haitians, the eye team has transitioned its focus to a mobile clinic.  Their desire is to bring eye services closer to where people live rather than make them travel to us.


This plan soon ran into obstacles.  Since 2019 the team has not been able to enter Haiti because of the civil unrest and in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite these challenges, they still have a 3-fold strategy:


1) Resume the mobile optometry clinics when the conditions allow taking this service and ministry into remote areas.


2)  To come along side another Christian medical ministry group, (Haiti Healthcare Advocates) and help equip a permanent medical clinic with eye equipment and later with dental equipment.  This clinic will be built in the southern town of Vialet, Haiti on Free Methodist owned land so there will be no danger in losing our building.  


3)  Continue to evangelize and minister to the people of Haiti. They are given an eye exam and then given the proper eyeglasses.  Then they are asked to read John 3:16.  This allows us to make sure they have the proper glasses and also gives us a chance to ask if they believe what they read.  With the help of our translators and chaplains helping us communicate, several have given their hearts to Christ.


WOMBAT has committed to help raise funds to accomplish these goals.  Please consider praying about joining WOMBAT and watch what amazing things God will do through you in the country of Haiti.

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