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Who are we?

WOMBAT is an acronym for Wheels Over Michigan Bike-A-Thon.  Christian riders from across Michigan and others states gather together for a fun filled week of cycling and camping.   And, best of all, you will be able to give to others in need of help.  We support 3 ministries in Haiti.  Check out our Missions Supported page for more information about these vital ministries.

It is time to write your own cycling story.  It begins every August with a great ride across the beautiful state of Michigan.  Yes, you can do this!  All you need is a good bike, some training during the summer, and a spirit to pay it forward and make a difference in a small corner of the world.  It is a perfect match: good exercise, healthy fresh air, great friends to ride with, and a spirit of giving.  

We are here to help you all along the way, from registration, to training, to finishing the ride.  WOMBAT is not a race, it is a ride to enjoy with friends.  You got this!

Write your own cycling story.